My obsession with Fred & Friends housewares

I wish I could say that my kitchen full of glistening appliances and chef-quality knives, but it’s not. The reality is that I have a kitchen that’s the size of your bathroom and it’s full of kijiji finds and kitschy utensils, like my Measuring Matyroshkas from Fred & Friends (a quirky housewares company that you can find here or on Twitter).

These russian nesting doll measuring cups have a special place in my heart for several reasons:

1. They’re adorable.

2. They were the first things I bought myself when I decided I wanted to move out.

3. I first encountered them while I was backpacking around Australia, oh the memories (btw check out this awesome travel blog I kept while I was there — I swear pink was never my favourite colour).

I have since become obsessed with the product line and have slowly been adding to my Fred & Friends collection, which now includes a denture ice cube tray and half already-been-chewed cookie cutters. It’s all very cheesy but it makes me genuinely happy to whip up a meal with my goofy looking kitchen tools.

Here’s a vine I made to celebrate my love of Fred…and his friends:

Yes I was listening to Madonna, and no this is not a sponsored post (it’s homework)!


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