So fresh and so, so clean

I think like I’ve tried every brand of cleanser, toner, pore minimizer, zit zapper and moisturizer that’s on the market. It’s wasn’t commitment issues so much as lack lustre experiences that kept me flip-flopping. That is, until I found Tiber River Naturals thanks to the recommendation of a lovely friend!

My love affair  started with baking soda deodorant (I’m a hippy I know), and quickly moved to lip balm and face wash. All of their products are handmade from natural ingredients and Tiber River is a locally owned and operated business. The storefronts, on Academy and Kenaston, are part spa and part beauty product boutique.

What caught my attention was the prime ingredients such as pomegranate, lavender and olive oil that are infused into a wide variety of products. The scents in all of the products are pleasantly muted which isn’t often the case with natural products (the headache inducing aroma of Lush comes to mind). And this is a plus: every product I’ve used from Tiber River has lasted longer than anything I’ve bought at a drugstore, making the pricier products a better bang for your buck.

Oh and gents it’s not all perfume and pretty things, Tiber River has a substantial men’s section too! Your beards and mo’staches will smell like roses (ladies, you’re welcome)!

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