Changing with the Seasons

For the last year this blog has been about exploring my interests, finding my online voice and playing around with photography. I’ve loved every minute of it, but now that I’m a student again it’s time for a shift.

Three years ago I endured the rigorous application process for the Creative Communications program offered at Red River College, since then I have been slogging through University courses waiting for the fun to begin! It’s finally here and with a week of full-time school under my belt the rose-coloured glasses are coming off and I’m realizing how tough the next two years are going to be. CreComm is fast paced and demanding with a huge emphasis on professionalism, all while being an avid social media-er.

Meaning: my twitter feed is going to blow up in the most employable fashion, and I’m going to be revamping this blog.

The core of this site is about adventure and a positive lifestyle, this part won’t change. What will change, however, is the scope of my adventure and the subject matter of some of my posts. Since a student budget doesn’t accommodate travelling far and wide I’ll be exploring little old Winnipeg instead. What all this comes down to is a new localized theme that isn’t a departure from what I already write about.

Recipes will be as local and seasonal as I can manage, outings will feature interesting places in and around Winnipeg, and crafting will be done with locally found material. As a student it can be hard to afford an environmentally or morally guilt-free lifestyle, I hope I can disprove that!

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