Big City Travels

LasVegasUSA9 TO2Over the past two months I’ve had to opportunity to take two trips to visit three major cities. I’m currently working on editing down the mountain of photos I have from New York City and Toronto, unfortunately the top photo is the only decent proof I have of being in Las Vegas. All of my travels where purely for pleasure and I feel a bit spoiled for being able to take so much time off work.

I wasn’t planning on going to Las Vegas this year, but the owner of the club I work at decided to take a group of us down for a four day party. A work christmas party you could say (he’s a pretty generous guy). This trip was my second time in Vegas and it was a totally different experience this time around. For one the Nevada heat was in full force as soon as we got off the plane and the wonderful weather continued the whole time we were there. That, combined with having a big group of people to party with, meant endless pool partying and too many buckets of beer. We did end up having one culturally sound experience at the ‘Beatles Love’ Cirque Du Soleil show, which was so breathtaking that I almost found myself in tears. The whole trip was such an amazing whirlwind that I needed a few days to recover after my so-called “vacation.”

When I did get home I was only at work for a few weeks before trip number two snuck up on me. This time around the boyfriend and I took two weeks off our real lives to drive down to New York and then up to Toronto, camping the whole way there. Even though we took our time getting from place to place the whole road tripping experience isn’t very relaxing, especially when you’re driving entire days in torrential downpour on the Interstate. But there’s nothing quite like an evening campfire to help recharge the batteries before the next long haul.

I have so much to say about this two week adventure that I have to break it up into several posts over the next few days to really do it justice. So stay posted!


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