Boxes Unpacking Sunroom TulipsSo, here’s the scoop on all the dead air lately: I’ve moved! It was a long process and a slow process but I’m finally settling into my new (old) apartment. It’s a giant two bedroom in a character building just a block away from where I used to live. I’m currently roommate-less, and loving the alone time a bit too much, and while I can afford living by myself for the moment come August I’ll need a flatmate.

I inherited the suite through a friend when I fell in love with it way back in February, since then I had been driving myself crazy waiting for April 1st to arrive. Move in day was hectic but I was so thankful for the help I had because I have way too much stuff than is reasonable for one person (I admit it and I’ve made downsizing a part of my to do list). After two truck loads were hauled into the apartment, my mother and I decided it would be a great idea to go buy me more stuff from Ikea and Canadian Tire, hence the giant fern inhabiting my dining room!

I keep discovering things I love about my new place, like the creaky wood floors and hissing rads, and the never ending storage places, but it very much is a work in progress. Be prepared for a few infrequent home improvement posts over the next little while. I say infrequent because I don’t have internet at the moment, and don’t plan on getting it anytime soon, leaving more room for creative thoughts but less room for actual blog posts. Thank god for coffee shops!

Until next time.



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