My Beardyman

Beardy backbeard _1080956 _1080960 _1080966 Mommsa _1080977 _1090015 wild beardSomething that I didn’t know until several months ago, is that Festival du Voyageur has several different manly competitions during its 10 day run. One of which being a Beard-Off (or on, I don’t know). Anyways I became enlightened of the competition when my boyfriend stopped shaving his face last year and started claiming he was growing a beard for Festival. Regardless of the reason I’m down with the facial hair so I never complained, and I’m glad that I didn’t.

As of last Friday my man took home the top prize for groomed beard in Festival’s annual beard competition, and I am now dating a Winnipeg celebrity! It’s not that glamourous an award, but it was a ton of fun to watch and get a bunch of people out to cheer for my beardy man.

Partial photocred to Robert Tinker!

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