Adventures in Re-employment


So, contrary to my “About” page I am no longer unemployed yippee! And I’ll correct myself further; I was technically never unemployed, rather playing late-night bartender at one of the most musically diverse clubs in the city. I tend not to refer to it as a job because I consider it way more fun than most jobs I’ve had. Anyways, now instead of one non-job I am the proud owner of two new part time jobs, all of them revolving in one way or another around booze (hence the pic of my minibar)! I’m working at a restaurant in the exchange and at a liquor mart over the holidays, and hopefully beyond. Just in time for Christmas, which is perfect because as you can see my ‘stache was dwindling!


The whole reason I was semi-unemployed to begin with was thanks to the closure of a restaurant I had worked at all summer. Never in my life had I been unemployed for so long with no stable plans for the future, like going back to school or having a new job prospect. It was great at first but I soon realized that I am the type of person who thrives on some semblance of structure and day to day routines, I quickly fell into a sort of chaotic laziness. I had sooooooooo much free time, a new apartment with all the bills and whistles, and a trip I was supposed to be saving up for. Needless to say it was a bad time to be living on 15 hours of work a week and a situation that I would have gladly not dealt with. But now, on to happy times and grocery money so I can start some holiday baking and potluck making!!


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