Happy Thanksgiving

The overwhelming theme of my life this year has been change. This year I moved out of my parents house to live with two wonderful girlfriends, I lost and gained (and lost again) a new job, I’m in a happily committed relationship and I’m actually working on several projects that I’ve been putting off for ages!

But, the change trend also continues into the rest of my family. My parents recently sold my childhood home and are in the process of moving into a gorgeous condo in Osbourne Village, and two of my cousins have had beautiful babies within the last year.

In lieu of all this change I’m thankful for new adventures and my wonderful growing family! Aside from all this my weekend (and my stomach) was also filled with holiday food and some tasty cocktails. I have some new recipes to share that I whipped up for my family gathering, but until then happy belated thanksgiving and stay thankful!

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