I Love Fall.

Winnipeg seasons are very distinct; we have long cold Winters, crisp, fresh Springs, hot dry Summers and brisk colourful Autumns. This year Summer turned to Fall in a matter of days and with little warning it was sweater season again, but I’m not complaining!

For me Fall is the perfect time to catch up on some reading, revisit projects that went on the backburner during summer fun, and cook up some hearty, healthy food. I also love it for the sheer childish delight of feeling the crunch of leaves under me feet during a long stroll through Wolseley.

Today is kind of an anomaly…it’s wet, cold, and seems to be snowing. This means that I’m stuck inside watching my little pepper and tomato plants shivering (most likely to death), and trying to keep busy. So, I have two recipes to share today both of which feature a fair amount of Autumn flavours and make use of my oven so my house is nice and toasty now. Enjoy!

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